About Kelly Moore

Kelly has dabbled in art over the years occasionally feeling the tug to draw or paint. In January 2017 Las Vegas artist Bonnie Kelso challenged Kelly to draw at least 5 minutes every day, lighting the proverbial fire under him that continues to this day. His growth as an artist has been rapid and expansive.

Kelly's growth has been a spiritual one for over 50 years. He started meditation practice in 1970, then continued his studies with world-renowned master Prem Rawat in 1973, and currently continues his studies as a psychic medium with Kelly McClure. 


Mr. Moore received his Credentials of Ministry and Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Universal Life Church in 2017, and Certificate in Second Degree Holy Fire II Reiki Energy Healing Practitioner in accordance with the Usui tradition in 2018.


These studies have led to the creation of his Spirit Art, where Mr. Moore tunes in to a person's aura and spontaneously creates art that reflects their individual energy and Life Path. Kelly also teaches Spirit Art painting in his "Spirit Art With Kelly Moore" workshops in the southern California region.

A member of Temecula Valley Art League in Temecula, CA, Kelly has studied under award-winning Fallbrook artist Jack Ragland, San Diego artist Carol Blumert, and currently studies under Megan Elizabeth of Temecula and exhibits his art in Southern California.


A professional musician since 1970, Kelly is a virtuosic and versatile musician, composer, arranger, and orchestrator; Founder of Music For Mankind®, which fed over 42,000 people worldwide, US Delegate to Nicaragua and Peru and Community Delegate for World Food Program USA; Kelly Moore brings a love and enthusiasm to his art, music, and life that is palpable. His third CD, “Silently Hoping” charted #37 in the US and played in ten countries worldwide.

All art by Mr. Moore is Reiki charged.


All original art by Kelly Moore comes with a Certificate of Authenticity - Original Painting

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