Kelly's art encompasses six main themes: The Vision Series, Spirit Art, Landscapes, Seascapes & Florals, and Architecture.

The Vision Series is a result of Kelly's meditations. He has been meditating since 1970 and during that time has experienced many beautiful inner visions. One day he became aware of the importance of a visual journal of these experiences, and started on pastels, later recreating some of them in acrylics on canvas.


During this process he also began his Spirit Art, where he he tunes into a person's energy and spontaneously creates art that reflects that person's energy and Life Path. Originally drawn with colored pencils on multi-media paper, he later moved to painting these in acrylics on canvas. Examples of his Spirit Art can be seen on the Spirit Art page.

Kelly's love of the Earth and all the beauty around us inspires him to paint and draw landscapes, seascapes, and florals and more. These and his abstract art are windows into the beauty that lies within us all.

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Architecture Series


The Vision Series


Landscapes, Seascapes, Florals


3" x 3" Minis

Greeting Cards