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Spirit Art

Spirit Art is a type of psychic reading where Kelly tunes into a person's aura and spontaneously creates art that reflects that person's energy and Life Path.

"It's so interesting doing this, because I find each reading touches something so deep, personal and meaningful for each person. It awakens something deep and precious within."  -Kelly Moore 

"Thank you Kelly Moore for my beautiful Spirit Art. You tuned into my aura colors and my connection to nature." -Richelle Schmidt, Sage Moon Energy Healing

Shemwell, Helen with art.jpg
Hannaman, Marie 4.jpg
Richelle with Spirit Art.jpg
Josupeit, Jesse with Art.jpg
Ashley, P with Art.jpg
Mai with Art.jpg
Millar, Lisa with Art.jpg
Olivas, Gina with Art.jpg
Ashley, M with Art.jpg
Josupeit, Jennifer with Art.jpg
McClure, Kelly with Art.jpg
Najou, Sally with Art.jpg
Lund, Amy 1.jpg
Claudia Leal with Art.jpg
Barker, Camryn.jpg
Arevalo, Paula 1.jpg
Spirit Art Class 7-5-19.jpg

All services and sessions are for entertainment purposes only.

Barker, Camryn
Claudia Leal with Art
Arevalo, Paula 1
Spirit Art Class 7-5-19
Hannaman, Marie 4
Lund, Amy 1
Millar, Lisa with Art
Olivas, Gina with Art
Najou, Sally with Art
McClure, Kelly with Art
Mai with Art
Shemwell, Helen with art
Ashley, P with Art
Josupeit, Jennifer with Art
Josupeit, Jesse with Art
Richelle with Spirit Art
Ashley, M with Art
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